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Summertime and the living is ....

Sally’s, situated at 33 Abbeygate street, cannot be missed by its Rock Legends mural outside. Inside you can find Galway’s renowned metal, rock, alternative, punk, and everything in between filled jukebox. Whether you are looking for a tasty pint, a game of pool, a gig or just to have the craic, Sally’s is open 7 days a week till late!
“Everyone has to learn to drink somewhere “

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Like a Renaissance painting..... 🎨

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Make sure to pop in tonight as Johnny Spoons will playing his biggest hits such as....

"The Spoons Are Back In Town"
"Smells Like Teen Cutlery"
And Soundgardens "Spoonman"

Another surprising discovery of a Monday morning in Sallys ...

Doing the bare minimum 😄 ...

Remind me, how many years experience does she have? Wrong answers only. ...

Standard Sallys Craic of a Saturday night. #ladyinred #carelessWhiskers #NiallNumber1forPresident ...

@dj_doolittle is back slinging savage tunes for all!!

We'd like to title this one "Party All The Time"

#EddieMurphy #CharlieMurphy #YaCuntYa #BobRoss #LukeKelly #SallyLongs

Nialls top 30 hits coming to a record store near you! 🍑 ...

Hold me tight Jack

Once again, thanks so very much to everyone who came out for Noels celebrations this week. We couldn't ask for better locals, love ye loads! ...

Another Niall classic! 💃 ...

Happy 50 anniversary to the absolute gentleman Noel. The greatest boss of all time. To many more happy days behind the bar in this lovely place with its amazing crew of locals and friends. Thank you so much to everyone who came in tonight and to all who make this place as special as it is. ...

Some happy locals at Noel-fest! ...

Noel at just 22 years of age, minus the moustache, and we all thought he was born with that tash! Noel just told us that when he started in Tallaght a pint of Guinness was just 19 pence! ...

Galways favorite barman is 50 years behind the counter this week. A free drink for all our regulars today Wednesday after 6 to celebrate this momentous achievement 🙂 ...

Our best wee new pal. Micheal is the one out and front. We love him. Wee champ. The future snooker winner ...

A selection

of our finest drinks.



Ireland's Premium Stout



Original White Ale, Wheat Beer



A full-bodied beer with a gentle bitterness



Full-bodied premium lager with deep golden color

Coors Light


Coors Light is a cool, refreshing light beer with all the punch of a traditional American beer.

Rockshore Cider


Made from the juice of freshly pressed apples.Is known for with a less sweet taste than other ciders.

Stonewell Cider


Premium Irish craft cider brewed in County Cork, Ireland. Stonewell is also Ireland's only Supreme Champion premium cider.

Alska Cider


The best-tasting fruit cider you will ever pour down your throat

Galway Cider


Crafted with 100% Irish apples to produce a sweet ripe red apple flavour with a crisp slightly dry finish.

Bombay Sapphire Gin


Vapour infused with 10 hand-selected botanicals for a bright, fresh taste

Gunpowder Gin


Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin is slow distilled and handmade from 11 botanicals including oriental spices and gunpowder tea.

Bushmills 10Yr


Bushmills Irish Whiskey is crafted with care at The Old Bushmills Distillery in Country Antrim

Yellow Spot Whiskey


12 year old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is proudly produced exclusively for Mitchell & Son Wine Merchants, Dublin.

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